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Secure code analysis

A secure code review focuses on seven security mechanisms, or areas.  An application that is weak in any area makes itself a target for a malicious user and increases the likelihood that the application will be used in an attack. Let C.S.i determine how secure your code is.

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Security awareness 

Compelling, eye-opening, wake-the-hell-up training. We’ll help your team overcome 'normalcy bias' and become more vigilant defenders who are more likely to recognize threats and better prepared to take action.

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Vulnerability assessment

Our vulnerability assessment takes a step back from penetration testing to provide security awareness without conducting actual attacks. We'll identify and document your exposures but refrain from exploiting them. Customers preparing for their first penetration test find value in knowing what soft spots might be visible to an attacker.

Blue Sky

Blue Team Assessment

Our Blue Team Advisory Service brings experienced and knowledgeable consultants to evaluate your defensive posture. Direct interviews, targeted assessments, and documentation reviews are analyzed to paint a holistic picture of your defensive capabilities, and where they can be improved






CyberTek Systems` baseline security assessment will shine a bright light on the threats you might not see otherwise. We know what we’re looking for because we’ve seen it before: The patterns. The probing. The phishing attempts.

Our training exercises not only teach you the ‘how’ behind cybersecurity but the equally important the ‘why’ as well. With hands-on simulations, your team can truly understand the nature of the threats and learn to spot them.

The bottom line is that we’ll help you find the scary stuff before it finds you. And it’s never as scary if you see it coming.

Predict and Prepare

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