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Social Engineering Testing

  • 1 hour
  • Free Consultation
  • The Bridge Street

Service Description

Social engineering is commonly seen as the modern frontier in IT security - and certainly your greatest risk. Your users. A social engineering penetration test will help you assess and understand the susceptibility within your organization to human manipulation via email, phone, media drops, physical access, social media mining etc. What is Social Engineering? Social engineering techniques are wide ranging, from the very simple, to highly personalized, sophisticated attacks that can be almost impossible to detect - but all can have devastating effects. By manipulating those closest to the target - your employees - these attackers use simple, but highly effective psychological tactics to lure your employees into granting privileged network access, or sending a sensitive file, or paying a supposedly urgent invoice. Rather than finding exotic backdoor vulnerabilities and resorting to high-tech tools and strategies, social engineering attacks organizations through their own front door. Benefits of a Social Engineering Penetration Test- In practice, hackers (and ethical hackers) will often use social engineering tactics as a first step, to gain a foothold into the network, from which they can elevate user privileges - it is often easier to exploit users' weaknesses than it is to find a network or software vulnerability. Social engineering pen testing can reveal a lot about the cyber security awareness levels of your employees, and their level of compliance with existing security policies in place. Our social engineering assessment services are priced by the number of employees being targeted: First 10 Employees: $150 each Additional Employees: $125 each

Contact Details

  • 5151 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX, USA


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