red team assessment

This is CyberTek Systems` premier service, this is where the gloves come completely off!! If you want to see just how well your company's defenses will fare against some of the most determined hackers, then this service will definitely tell you.


Social Engineering Assessment

 A social engineering penetration test will help you assess and understand the susceptibility within your organization to human manipulation via email, phone, media drops, physical access, social media mining etc.


Wireless network assessment

Our analyst will examine your wireless network from the same angle as a Black-Hat attacker would. By using a mixture of automated testing tools and manual inspection by an on-site information security expert.


external   penetration testing

CyberTek System has developed external penetration tests to assess the effectiveness of your security system at the outside edge of your network. This assessment generally helps determine which services are exposed beyond your firewall


internal penetration testing

An internal penetration test, by contrast, simulates the actions either a hacker or malicious actor might take to gain access to a network or the actions of a disgruntled employee with access that he or she is looking to escalate.


Our Command and Control Services–  CyberTek Systems knows more about advanced attackers than anyone else, because we are trained by some of the best Ex-BlackHat hackers in the game.


So now we can help our clients see the big picture - understand evolving attacker motivations and methodologies in a way others cannot. Powered by industry-recognized expertise and experience, CyberTek System services enable smarter decision-making to help you outmaneuver your attackers.

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